About the Staff – Family

Family Week Staff – 2020

Half Pelican

Half Pelican (Andy Reiner and Dr. Joy Adams) are the incredible band that will play for the dances. They play Pre-Historic Americana: cosmic acoustic grooves influenced by Appalachian, Bluegrass, Celtic, Scandinavian and Pre-Historic music. Andy and Joy met while teaching at fiddle camps across the USA and their shared love for songs, fiddle tunes and dinosaurs led to their forming Half Pelican. They perform original and traditional songs and tunes on cello, fiddle, octave mandolin, and clawhammer banjo with sweet vocal harmonies.


Canote brothers

The heart and soul of Lady of the Lake return with their magic. Greg and Jere make our family gatherings a celebration of community and more. These identical twins from Seattle sing and play into your hearts. Goofy songs, leading our children to bed, hammering out old time music, playing swing tunes late at night, and even mastering card games – these two do it all at Lady of the Lake.

Susan Michaels

Susan Michaels

Susan is back to teach early morning and late night contras to teens and adults. Entertaining, enlightening, and elevating our dance skills, she has a repertoire of great dances and calls them with finesse. Susan will also be our storyteller, delighting us with heartwarming and wacky tales. A long-time resident of Los Angeles, we are now proud to have her living in the Pacific Northwest and even closer to that elusive moose sighting she dreams of.

Darryl Thomas & Valerie Bergman

Valerie Bergman and Darryl Thomas

Back by popular demand! Valerie Bergman and Darryl Thomas of Rainbow Dance Theater are returning as our specialty dance instructors. Their dynamic teaching repertoire includes modern as well as traditional dances from many world cultures. The duo have won many awards for their innovative choreography and fusion of dance styles. Whether it’s Salsa, Haitian, West African or Hip-Hop it will be fun, fun, fun! Favorites at Family Camp, we are delighted to have them join us in 2020! Check out their website @ rainbowdancetheatre.org

Wendy Graham

Wendy is a self-described “dance maniac.” She has called contras and squares (different styles and variants), English country dance, social dance (swing, Latin), community and family and barn dances, dances from Appalachia, and that’s a lot of dancing! www.perkypantsdance.com

Mel Luedders

Mel has worn many hats while on staff at Lady of the Lake. This year she will help organize the program for the “wee little ones” and lead the teen and adult singing. Mel lives in Spokane, where she heads up a young children’s program and directs the Spokane Community Choir.

Dawn Wagner

Dawn will be our art teacher, with fun ideas for sparking creativity.


Brendon Biele will provide quality sound for all to enjoy.