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Campers: Payments for multiple people can be combined (the form for Dance S'More Payments offers a place for their names to be entered)
The two Half-week options are for Teens and Adults only.

Camper Registration Information

We know that many people make their decision about registering for camp based on the Covid-19 protocols that will be in effect. For our August 2023 camp, we plan to require proof of vaccination, masking while dancing and in other large group situations, and testing before and during camp. We will ask campers to complete an antigen rapid self-test on the day they arrive at camp, and to bring to camp: a current digital or paper vaccine card, lots of masks, and three unexpired antigen rapid self-test kits. If any of these protocols change, we will notify those who are registered as well as posting it to our website.

Contact Information

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1/2 week reg for child error
We offer a sliding scale for the full week of Dance S’More to help make camp affordable and accessible to as many campers as possible. Paying the “break even” amount ($750) enables us to cover our costs. If you are able to pay more, it will help more dancers attend who can’t quite afford the break even registration. Thank you, dance community!
Please choose one of the amounts listed here ($550 minimum) then further customize, if you like, with an additional donation.

Please check the box for the half-week payment amount, and then further customize, if you like, with an additional donation.

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Total amount

Enter total payment amount (use numbers only). This form is unable to "do the math."
A deposit must be made to complete the registration (online or check), or indicate here if you wish to pay in full at this time.
If not paying in full now, enter the total amount minus the deposit (due by July 1st). You can mail a check (address will be in the confirmation email) or pay online (see Dance S'More Payments in the Dance S'More menu).

If you fail to progress to the Interests and Preferences section after you click Next, please review your camper information above. You likely have skipped a required field (marked with red asterisks).


Interests and Preferences

You may stay in a cabin or bring your own camping setup. We will categorize cabin assignments based on camper input. If you prefer to stay in a cabin, please share your cabin preferences based on gender, accessibility needs, family unit, desire to stay with friends/as a couple, etc. Children under 12 will sleep with their family units whether camping or in cabins; please indicate if this is your situation. If you plan to camp, please note whether you will be bringing a tent or parking a camper.
What daytime workshops would you look forward to participating in at camp?
We plan to have time in our daily schedule for camper-led workshops. Is there a workshop/activity/event/skill that you would like to lead, teach, or share? (i.e. yoga, creative writing, bird watching, diving, slacklining, etc.)
Everyone will be asked to help with various tasks at camp. In addition to that much-appreciated help, there are a few roles and tasks we’ve identified that could use specific volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles below, please indicate your interests. We will reach out before camp to those who are interested in these volunteer roles, and there will be a meeting for volunteers on the first day of camp.
If you think you might need a ride to camp and/or might be able to offer a ride to camp AND you would like your contact information to be shared with others interested in ride-sharing, please select the relevant box(es) below.

Please review your entries on this page (none are required). Then click Next.

Final Instructions

Finishing up

We understand that circumstances may change such that you need to cancel your registration. If you cancel your registration before July 1st, we will refund your full registration fee. After July 1st, regardless of when or why you are canceling, we will refund you all of your registration fee except for the non-refundable deposit amount of $75.
We plan to share with other Dance S’More campers a contact information list including each camper’s name, city, and email address. Please indicate your preferences for what we share with other campers.
We may use or share photos from Dance S’More 2023 for future promotion. If you do not want your image to be used on the Dance S’More website or in future fliers or promotions, please opt out below. Please follow up with us at camp so we'll know whose image to look out for.
This is the place for you to pass on any specific concerns, questions, or information that you do not feel was effectively covered in this registration form.
  1. Before clicking Submit below, you can review the information you have provided and make any corrections needed.
  2. Once you click Submit, there will be a slight delay. Your information will be formatted and a confirmation page will appear that indicates your submisission was successful. Please wait for the confirmation page, which completes Step 1.
  3. You will receive an email with the information you entered and instructions for Step 2. Please follow the instructions in the email for getting your deposit or full payment to us, and please do so without delay.
  4. We can only consider you registered when we have received at minimum a deposit payment for the registrants, via either a check or an online payment. (“Payments” is an option on the DanceS’More drop-down menu. Online payments in US dollars only).
    When the registrar has received either confirmation of an online payment, or your check, they’ll send an email to confirm that you are registered.

If you do not hear back from us, please email:  (There are occasional reports of no response from the system but most often it has to do with a spam filter.)

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