Scholarships for 12-and-Under Children

12-and-Under Scholarship Details

The goal of this scholarship is to help make Lady of the Lake – Family Week more affordable for families with younger children.  A generous donation is allowing us to accomplish this without shifting the burden to the other families that come with teenagers. It has been a wonderful experience for so many families and we hope these scholarships will allow us to introduce Family Week to many more.

The scholarship is offered on an honor system sliding scale with the following parameters:

  • Every adult that signs up to come to camp is eligible to bring up to two 12 and under children at scholarship rates.
  • Every family decides for themselves how much to pay for each child , ranging from the full camp cost of $585, down to $200 (which would cover 70% of a child camper’s costs for the musicians, dance and art teachers that lead the camp-organized activities, and none of the room and board costs which we pay to N-Sid-Sen).

The graph below can give you a sense for what and how much of our costs would be covered by whatever price you choose.

How to Apply the Scholarships

Since these are “you define your needs” scholarships, to was too difficult to modify the registration process, so when you register we would like you to go through the following steps:

  1. Fill in all the Camper Information pages as normal, and click Continue to get to the Payment Information page.
  2. For Adults, Teenagers, Children (12 & under), and Toddlers choose the appropriate option from the dropdown lists as you normally would.
  3. In the Total Payment Due (USD): field you will enter the total amount for the Adults + Teenager + Toddlers + the amount you have decided to pay for the 12-&-Under Children you are bringing per the rules above.
    Some Examples:
    1. For a family of 2 adults + 3 children (under 12)
      Adults (Discount rate) 2 @ $6751350
      Children (Scholarship) 3 @ $383.3331150
      Enter 2500 in the Total Payment Due field.
    2. For a family of 1 adult + 3 children (under 12)
      Adults (Discount rate) 1 @ $675  675
      Children (Scholarship) 2 @ 200  400
      Children (Full rate) 1 @ 560  560
      Enter 1635 in the Total Payment Due field.
    3. For a family of 2 adults + 2 children (under 12)
      Adults (Full Rate) 2 @ $7001400
      Children (Scholarship) 2 @ 5001000
      Enter 2400 in the Total Payment Due field.
  4. From the Deposit (USD) select the correct option for the total number of campers.
  5. For the Balance Due (USD) field, enter the results of Total Payment DueDeposit.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Comments field, please write the word “Scholarship:” and then tell us the rate that you intended for the children’s scholarship rate. In the case of example A above you might write, “Scholarship: 3 children at $383.333.” In the case of example B above you might write “Scholarship: 1 child at the full rate and 2 children at $200.” Please put whatever rate you found appropriate for your situation.
    Also feel free to add any other comments you think would be helpful in planning for your family.
  8. Click Submit and please follow the instructions on the following page.