Fall Payments

To send a check (and not pay online): The postal address is included in an email sent from the fall-weekend email account (@ladyofthelake.org) when the registration form is submitted. If you can’t find it, you can email the registrar (at fall-weekend@) to ask for the address (or enter a ‘dummy’ registration).

Lady of the Lake Dance Camps - Online Payment for **  FALL WEEKEND **

(US dollars only)

Please enter what you selected to pay when you filled in the registration form (a number, no dollar sign)
Please re-enter the amount.

After you click Submit, there’s a pause and this form sends an email to you showing your entries and indicating your intention to pay (the email will be from LOLaccounts). There is no final confirmation screen for this form; you’ll get a PayPal screen instead. There you can use your PayPal account or a credit card. To exit without paying, see the cancel option at the bottom of the PayPal screens. PayPal sends an email to you and to us when it has processed the payment initiated through this form.
Thank you!