June Week Registration

June Week camp is almost full – but we have some camping spots available. If you need lodging to attend, please add your name to our waitlist. We always end up with cancellations and admit quite a few folks from the waitlist! Here is the link to the waitlist.
You’ll be contacted if something opens up (i.e. someone cancels) and at that point you would come back here to complete the full registration form (it asks for more details).

For those planning to bring your own gear (tent, RV, camper), please go ahead and register here, but note: space is limited for folks ‘roughing it’ too. Your entry might come in before we’ve had time to change this message after we fill up. (The automated response to your registration form could be misleading since it won’t know the status of our space.) The registrar will contact you to tell you if space is available, and if it isn’t, the already submitted form can serve as an entry on our waitlist.

    Lady of the Lake - June Dance Week Registration

    Please fill out the details when prompted for EACH person (to the best of your ability). The fields on this form that have asterisks (*) must have an entry before the form's submission will go through.


    Primary Contact's Registration

    Enter 10 numbers without punctuation
    Select one or more:

    Camper 2

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    Camper 3

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    We'll factor in preferences in cabin assignments.


    Note: If you are tent/RV camping, please reflect a reduction in the Total Payment Due entry.

    Please select the option that applies.
    The sum of adult and teen counts should equal the total number of campers.
    Lady of the Lake June Week requires a deposit of $75 per person be sent (or paid online) at the time of registration. You may also choose to pay in full at this time.
    Grand total for all registrants (including any deposit amount). A number only, with no dollar sign, please.

    Finishing up

    If anyone in this registration does not want their image in any photos June Week might use for promotion, please note below. If any opt out, we will follow up at camp to know whose image to look out for.
    We can arrange for transportation from Spokane to camp and back for a fee. Ride passengers must have arrived at the Spokane airport by 2:00 on the Sunday camp starts AND have a return flight departing after 2:00 pm on Saturday at the end of camp. You must finalize the decision to use this service at least 3 weeks before camp. The cost is $40 round trip payable to Lady of the Lake (check or cash) when checking in on the first day of camp; only Lady of the Lake handles driver reimbursement. Whichever option is selected below, we'll take your entry to indicate that you understand the conditions surrounding this service.
    With a view to keeping us all safe, we continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and we do so in conjunction with Camp N-Sid-Sen. At this point, we are requiring proof of vaccination, masking while dancing and in other large group situations, as well as testing. If any of these protocols change, we will notify those who are registered as well as posting on our web site.
    This is the place for you to pass on any specific concerns, questions, or information that you do not feel was effectively covered in the registration form.
    1. Before clicking Submit below, you can review the information you have provided and make any corrections needed.
    2. Once you click Submit, there will be a slight delay. Your information will be formatted and a confirmation page will appear that indicates your submission was successful. Please wait for the confirmation page, which completes Step 1.
    3. You will receive an email with the information you entered, and the instructions for Step 2. Please follow the instructions in the email for getting your deposit or full payment to us, and please do so without delay.
    4. We can only consider you registered when we have received at minimum a deposit payment for the registrants, via either a check or an online payment. (“Payments” is an option on the June Week drop-down menu. Online payments in US dollars only).
      When the registrar has received either confirmation of an online payment, or your check, they’ll send an email to confirm that you are registered.

    If you do not hear back from us, please email: danceweek@ladyofthelake.org  (There are occasioanal reports of no response from the system but most often it has to do with a spam filter.)

    Specifically, enter the word "contra" all in lower case (don't capitalize it). This doesn't stop all spam, so we've added a 'captcha' as well right after this. Thanks for understanding.
    reCAPTCHA is required.