About the Staff – June

June Week Staff – 2024    (June 23rd – 29th)

Registration opens February 1, 2024 at 7:00am PST
Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Bands & Callers


Constellation is a band of talented and experienced musicians skilled at playing contras, English country and balfolk dances. Rachel Bell and Susan Kevra long ago discovered that their accordion and clarinet playing blended exquisitely together. In addition to contra and English country dances. Their collaboration has gone beyond just playing together — Rachel has composed tunes that Susan then choreographed. Joining Rachel and Susan is Jacqueline Schwab, a versatile pianist from Boston (the backbone of the groundbreaking English country band, Bare Necessities). Her repertoire ranges from vintage American to gospel, ragtime, and even Brazilian music. Her playing can be found on many of the Kevin Burns projects.


Brian Lindsay and Alex Sturbaum met at Oberlin College where they developed a mutual respect and collaboration that continues to this day. Now living in Seattle and Olympia respectfully, they have achieved a “musical fluency” that results in “lyrical melodies, groovy chords, thumping percussion and vocal harmonies, all simultaneously.” Both Brian and Alex are great singers too. Countercurrent has quickly established itself as a Lady of the Lake favorite; Alex holds a record for appearing in four straight Lady of the Lake camps!   www.countercurrentmusic.com

Audrey Jaber

Audrey is a fiddler respected by her peers who enthusiastically welcome her in their groups.  At Lady of the Lake will be playing with both Countercurrent and Constellation.  She grew up playing in Hawaii and while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston discovered that should make a living playing.  Her playing has been described as “rhythmically lively and spontaneous and irresistibly danceable.”  Besides playing in multiple groups across the country, Audrey works for CDSS as the Membership Coordinator.  www.audreyknuth.com

Greg and Jere Canote

Greg and Jere hardly need an introduction, having participated in nearly 50 Lady of the Lake camps.  With the new documentary, The Canote Twins, which Lady of Lady helped to fund, the rest of world will know about the infectious energy and joy they bring to old-time music and song. This June, they’ll play for squares and contras, lead an old time music workshop, and of course sing some charming, goofy songs. Besides playing music, both brothers are accomplished artists; Greg is a distinctive painter and Jere builds banjos and ukuleles.  www.thecanotetwins.com


Susan Petrick

Now living in California, Susan Petrick came to contra dancing while in college and graduate school in the Boston area during the late 1970s/early 1980s, a golden era of contradancing. Years later, she was drawn to programming dances, first helping a caller, and then later stepping in front of the microphone herself. After two decades, Susan is now a regional treasure who has called for festivals and dance events across the country, and is known for clear teaching, expert pacing, and efficient guidance. As a cognitive psychologist, Susan specialized in improving user experiences. Rest assured we are in good hands when she is calling!  www.spetrick.com

Joanna Reiner Wilkinson

Lady of the Lake welcomes Joanna Reiner Wilkinson for the first time. One of the most sought-after callers in the country, Joanna will teach two English country dance workshops and an English country caller’s workshop, as well as call evening dances. Joanna has a reputation for clear calling and instruction, and she loves exploring ECD techniques and new dances. Her walk throughs are exemplary and her prompts short, helpful and perfectly timed. When she isn’t calling or dancing around the country, she is working at Country Dance and Song Society as Director of Programs.

Wendy Graham

Wendy Graham is one of most versatile callers in the country. Last year at Lady of the Lake she led English country dances along with couple dances featuring cajun and swing. This year she will call squares and contras. A self-described “dance maniac,” Wendy grew up dancing at the John C. Campbell School.  After dancing and calling in New York and Washington DC, she moved to Durango, Colorado where she calls and organizes.  She has served on both the CDSS and Lloyd Shaw Foundation boards.

David Kessler

David Kessler has long been around people who consider singing and humming “just part of what you do” and he takes that to heart – whether in a pub, on a sailboat, biking down the street, loading hay, washing dishes, or sitting around a campfire. Making his Lady of the Lake debut, he will lead two singing workshops as well as an after-dance pub sing. 

David grew up in New England and moved to Seattle in 2013. He is a co-founder of The Boston Chantey & Maritime Sing, The Single Malt & Song Society, and Ballard Ballads, and he’s on the Maritime Folknet board, the Seattle Folklore Society concert committee, and the Raise The Rafters planning committee. He occasionally performs with “Strikes A Bell” or as half of “Kessler & Perasso,” but he is more likely to be found at one of the various pub and chantey sings in the Seattle area. In addition to singing, he plays several instruments.  www.ouphrontis.com


Ken Glastre and Roy Curet will be making sure the sound systems optimize the voices and music!

Registration opens February 1, 7:00am PST