About the Staff – June

June Week Staff – 2020   (June 21st – 27th)

Registration opens January 1st, 2020.
Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.

The Bands & Callers


Spin is composed of 3 incredible contra dance musicians!! Rodney Miller is such an exquisite fiddler that we can’t resist inviting him back.  Check him out at www. rodneymiller.com.  From a 2014 appointment as Artist Laureate in NH to “Master Fiddler” in 1983 by the National Endowment for the Arts, this guy has the depth and the breadth of a true master!  Dave Bartley spins magic on the guitar, mandolin, cittern, and more, playing music ranging from English, contras, rock-and-roll, classical, and Balkan.  It is difficult to count the number of bands in which he plays including Tricky Brits, Bag o’Tricks, KGB, and Contra Sutra. He is also a prolific dance tune composer.  Anita Anderson is an extraordinary English country and contra dance pianist, playing with Tricky Brits, Bag o’Tricks and other Northwest bands. There will also be the opportunity to spend a week in a music workshop with these fantastic musicians.


The Lizards, a New England based dance band, features a trio of musicians with the desire and the talent to ignite flames under dancing feet. With a wide ranging and eclectic repertoire including everything from Irish and Scottish traditional jigs and reels to Balkan, blues and swing tunes, the LDL bring excellent musicianship, playfulness, drama and unrelentingly infectious rhythm to their dance performances. With Kate Barnes on piano, guitar and flute, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, sax and drum, and Dave Langford on guitar and fiddle, they blend swing, rock-and-roll, and jazz influences with traditional foot-stomping dance music to make an innovative, spontaneous and rhythmically inflammatory sound. Dancing delight and musical magic.



Yes, our beloved and revered twins are back. They will set the irreverent tone of camp and the fun of community with Rendezvous, the camper gathering most every evening. Workshops in swing guitar & fiddle & old time tunes are on the horizon. And as a special music joy, a UKE workshop with these Ukelele pros will happen all week. Bring your ukes!! (Some loaners available.) They are impeccable musicians, reservoirs of our favorite tunes and songs and, all in all, spread mirth and the joy of song, dance and music.



For the English Country Dancers’ (ECD) pleasure we have Betsy Branch with Lisa Scott, both of the band “Fine Companions” fame. We hope for a guest appearance of Bill Tomczak (at camp with the Latter Day Lizards) and some flute from Erik Weberg (when he isn’t calling!). Betsy Branch, a regular at camp, is a fiddling wizard and teacher extraordinaire, radiating the joy and love of music and dance. She is also known for her contra band “Campaign for Reel Time.” Lisa Scott supplies the invaluable musical expertise of ECD piano, creating a lyrical and rich accompaniment sure to enrapture the ECD dancers. Musical Magic!



Lisa Greenleaf

Lisa Greenleaf

Lisa Greenleaf is a contra dance caller known for her humor and community-building attitude, her high-energy calling, and her articulate teaching of zesty and flowing dances. Her choice of contra dances and squares fit the mood and energy of the dance floor as she is always focused on a top tier dance experience. Lisa has been calling for many years throughout the USA and internationally for dances, weekends, and weeklong camps. She has made numerous appearances at LOL and we are pleased to have her back.


Will Mentor

Will, returning by popular request, will be calling contras and a daytime square workshop.  Will Mentor, from Northern Vermont, is known for his clear teaching, upbeat wit, and relaxed stage presence. He loves to choreograph evenings with a variety of dances and tempos that at times surprise and always delight, all the while keeping intact his guiding caller’s principle: “It’s about the dancers!”


Erik Weberg

Equally adept at contra and English calling and with over 20 years of experience, Erik Weberg’s clear, and concise teaching make it easy for all to effortlessly gain a mastery of the dance.  His philosophy is that flow, interesting figures, and a synergy between the dance figures and the music are what make dancing sublime.  Erik’s ability to connect with the dancers and his sly sense of humor ensure an upbeat, congenial atmosphere on the floor, as well as, a terrific dance experience. This combination of attributes explains why he is in continual demand as a caller at weekend and week-long dance camps as well as a favorite in his home base of Portland, OR.


Ken Glastre and Roy Curet, our wonderful sound guys, will be back.


Joni Mcspadden will be our designated medical advisor, helping us all stay healthy.

Registration opens January 1st, 2020.